Handy-Hooker™ Nylon Mesh Drawstring Bags

 with Stainless Steel Snap Hooks for Hanging

Handy-Hooker™ Mesh Bags are a convenient add-on to any of the Handy-Hooker™ products, but they can also be used as a convenient stand-alone product.  They fit directly to the rings on Handy-Hooker™Base Plates (Wall Adapters available below) or the Stainless Steel Lag Eye Bolts that are included with the Handy-Hooker™ kits.  With a wide, 5/8" hook opening, they can also be connected directly to a wide range of objects (such as stanchions, lifelines, cleats, rails, or posts) or piggybacked on top of other Handy-Hooker™straps, making them a great way to maximize garage, basement, automobile, RV, or boat space while allowing stored gear to dry.  They are also a convenient solution for securing camping, hunting, or fishing gear on boats or canoes as well as other loose objects inside cars, vans, or trucks.  The bags are constructed of a tough but soft, machine-washable mesh - to wash, remove hooks and machine wash cold, tumble dry low.  Great for the breathable storage of chest and hip waders!  Constructed exclusively of UV-resistant nylon and Stainless Steel, Handy-Hooker™ bags are built to last.  Color is black.  Covered by a limited lifetime guarantee.    Available in several standard sizes to fit the requirements of many applications.


Return Policy on Mesh Bags: Because of the high cost of the heavy nylon mesh material that we use to make our bags, we produce most bags to order and stock limited amounts. Therefore we can only accept returns of mesh bags up to a maximum value of $100.

Handy-Hooker™ Mesh Drawstring Bags with Stainless Steel Snap Hooks
are available in the following standard sizes (width x height):

8" x 12"    DRD Item # 940    H-8x12-BNMB, US List: $11.95
(for cords, gloves, mitts, etc.)

13" x 17"    DRD Item # 946    H-13x17-BNMB, US List: $15.95
(for shoes, cleats, and other smaller objects)

15" x 15 "    DRD Item # 948    H-15x15-BNMB, US List: $16.95
(for small objects and tools)

15" x 26"    DRD Item # 941    H-15x26-BNMB, US List: $18.95
(for cords, gloves, mitts, etc.)

15" x 38"    DRD Item # 943    H-15x38-BNMB, US List: $23.95
(for baseball bats and other long objects)

19" x 30"    DRD Item # 945    H-19x30-BNMB, US List: $24.95
(for basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, and other large objects)

23" x 28"    DRD Item # 942    H-23x28-BNMB, US List: $26.95
(for basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, and other bulky objects)

19" x 46"    DRD Item # 944    H-19x46-BNMB, US List: $33.95
(for large and bulky objects - great for the breathable storage of fishing and hunting waders)

Handy-Hooker™ Mesh Bags
Handy-Hooker™ Mesh Bags with Stainless Steel Hanging Hooks. Heavy Duty Black Nylon Mesh.
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Handy-Hooker™ Base Plate
Handy-Hooker™ Base Plate / Wall Adapter Kit with mounting screws and anchors. 
In Stock: YES
US List: $9.95