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The strongest plastic fastener on earth!

Load Lock® FASTener RV, Automotive, & Marine Battery Straps

(universal strap fits all batteries and battery boxes up to 48" in girth)

The most acid-proof and secure battery tie down strap available

Most batteries require replacement every 3-5 years. However, the vast majority of straps used to secure them don't typically last a year. Most are constructed of either acetal or nylon materials, neither of which is suitable for exposure to acids or battery fumes. Perhaps the improper material selection is to increase sales through frequent failure or it may simply be the result of poor engineering and using commodity items designed for other tasks. Shouldn't your battery straps last as long as the batteries they secure?

Our battery straps are designed to last the lifetime of a battery (and beyond). In fact, when several regional managers from a leading national marine accessories retailer tried to carry the Load Lock Battery Strap, a corporate executive chose not to carry our battery straps because he saw value in, 'carrying a commodity strap with a short life that would result in customers making more frequent trips to the store to replace their battery straps with each trip possibly resulting in purchases of more costly items during the customer's visit to the store'. What he failed to realize is how annoying the frequent required replacement of such items is to most people. The next time you replace your battery strap, choose the only one that is designed to last the life of the battery. Universal design fits all batteries and battery boxes up to 48" in girth including Attwood and other OEM products.

Battery Tie Down Strap

Why settle for less?

Fiberglass-reinforced Polypropylene Load Lock® Battery Straps with 4' of one-inch wide Black Polypropylene Battery Strap for all Marine and RV 6-volt & 12-volt Batteries  and Battery Boxes.

The strongest, simplest, and most secure marine and RV battery strap made... Guaranteed!

Load Lock and Strap color is black
(shown in red above for illustrative purposes)


Are you tired of using battery straps with decades-old buckle designs that slip and are difficult to feed?

Unlike competing battery box straps and battery tie down straps, the Load Lock® Marine Battery Strap will not loosen up over time and is simple to feed and adjust.  Our battery strap fasteners are made of fiberglass-filled polypropylene, polypropylene strap material, and polypropylene thread to achieve battery holding strengths in excess of 300 pounds (the straight line breaking strength of 170 lbs approximately doubles when passed circumferentially around a battery or battery box). The all-polypropylene construction of our battery and battery box straps is virtually unaffected by long-term exposure to harsh battery acids.  Avoid using competing battery hold down straps of nylon or acetal construction that deteriorate rapidly after exposure to battery acids (many other materials do not withstand the acids found in standard or gel cell batteries).  Also available as a complete kit with a pair of polypropylene Footman's Loops and Stainless Steel mounting screws.  Note: Our battery straps are available in black only (shown in color above for illustrative purposes) and work with most 12-volt and 6-volt batteries. Strap width is one inch.


Replacement Battery Straps
Load Lock® Battery Tie Down Straps are available with and without Footman's Loops and Mounting Hardware. Our Battery Strap Kit (Item #211) includes two polypropylene footman's loops and four Stainless Steel Mounting Screws.

Load Lock® RV and Marine Battery Tie-Down Strap w/ 4' length of 1" wide polypropylene strap

Item #210 (1B-BP48) without mounting hardware, $5.95
Item # 211 (1B-BP48BK) with mounting hardware, $8.95

Load Lock® Marine & RV Battery Strap
Load Lock FASTener® Marine & RV Battery Strap, 4' adjustable strap, 100% polypropylene, acid-resistant construction, Made in USA, available with and without mounting hardware (differential pricing below)
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US List: $5.95
With mounting hardware?

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For longer length replacement battery straps, please click here for information about our 65" fuel tank hold down strap kits. 

Footman's Loops and Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware are also available separately.  Click here for more information.

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