The strongest plastic fastener on Earth!

The award-winning Load Lock FASTener

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The Load Lock® offers all of the advantages of plastic construction while providing strength and reliability more typical found in light duty metal cam buckles. 

The high-strength, spring-less, self-locking design of the Load Lock FASTener® makes it a superior alternative to other plastic buckles that fail to provide the high breaking strength and positive locking ability required for a wide range of applications.  The strong plastic construction also makes the Load Lock® the only plastic fastener alternative to metal cam-type fasteners in many applications where the slightly higher strength of metal cams is not required (the strength of metal cam tie downs greatly varies by model).  Unlike metal cams and ratchet tie-down straps, the Load Lock® will not rust, scratch, mar, or otherwise damage secured gear and property and is machine-washable.  The Load Lock® is also significantly stronger, more reliable, and more adjustable than side release and plastic cam fasteners.  These features combine to make the Load Lock® a great choice for an unlimited number of light and medium duty applications.

An innovative and unique fastening alternative.

Don't buckle it...  Don't bungee it...  Load Lock® it!