The strongest plastic fastener on Earth!

Simple Operating Instructions for

The Load Lock FASTener®

1.) Insert free end of strap through the Load Lock® from the front underside of the Load Lock®.

2.) Feed strap down through the slot on top of the release button (or just follow the arrows on the sides of the Load Lock® for correct loading path).

3.) Pull inserted end of strap towards the front on the Load Lock®, ensuring that there is no slack in the strap. Note: For applications where rapid strap adjustment is not required and where the highest possible strength is desired, the free end of the strap can be passed down through the front of the Load Lock® to positively lock the strap in both directions. (not shown here - please see the Load Lock® Pet Collar page to see a photograph of this method and return to this page using the back button on your browser).

4.) To release, simply apply pressure to the release button on top of Load Lock® and pull strap out of mechanism, keeping fingers clear of the loose end of the strap (as shown in the photo to the left).       

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