The strongest plastic fastener on Earth!

Load Lock FASTener® 15' Nylon Marine Tie-Down Straps

with Wide Opening Stainless Steel Snap Hooks

 (230 lb maximum breaking strength)

straps with stainless steel hooks
Tie downs with hooks

Our Marine Tie-Down Straps with Snap Hooks are constructed of UV-resistant nylon and Stainless Steel to last in the marine environment.  Our patent pending snap hook design opens to 5/8" which enables it to be secured to lifelines, stanchion rings, toe rails, and most cleats (or back to itself if used around larger objects such as handrails).  Each of the two included strap assemblies has a rust-proof Load Lock FASTener® attached to a stainless steel carabiner snap hook with 1.5 feet of UV-resistant nylon strap and a 13.5 feet length of nylon strap webbing attached to a second stainless steel carabiner snap hook (for a 15' total length of each strap).  Great for securing dinghies, windsurfing boards, or other objects to the deck or dock.  Sold by the pair in six standard colors.  Stainless Steel Snap Hook Wire Diameter is 0.170" (stainless steel snaps hooks are also available separately - click here for information).

Please click here for ordering custom length strap assemblies and browse down to the 2-Piece Strap Assemblies to order.

   100% Stainless Steel & Nylon Construction
Will Not Rust or Scratch

This product is not intended for towing, trailering, or lifting.  Minimum breaking strength is approximately 230 pounds (safe working load will vary by application and is typically 20-50% of breaking strength).  Please call if you have any questions about the safe use of this product.


Load Lock® 15 Foot Nylon Marine Tie Down Straps with Stainless Steel Snap Hooks
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