Custom Length Tie Down Straps & Strap Assemblies

One & Tie-Piece Cam Straps, Ratchet Straps, Side-Release Straps, & Load Lock® Tie-Down Straps

Note: Before ordering single-piece tie down straps from this page, we suggest that you visit the links to the many standard tie down strap products that we produce as you may otherwise be custom ordering straps for stock items at a slightly higher cost. These links can be found under the drop down menus for the 'Load Lock FASTener® & Tie Down Products' button at the top of this page. Please call us if you have any questions.

Because our industrial sewing machines are set up to run double box stitches on one-inch nylon and polypropylene strap materials, we can offer custom strap assemblies using our stock components with the fastest turnaround in the industry. Our standard buckles include: metal cams, heavy-duty ratchets, plastic side-release buckles, plastic slides, and of course, our Load Lock FASTener®. We are able to ship most orders for custom straps within one business day! Please call for high volume pricing of your custom strap requirements, for custom strap lengths exceeding 25 feet, or for having custom printed tags stitched into the folds of the strap.

Note: Lengths are strap cut lengths (not finished lengths) and are specified in feet. Cut lengths are +/- one inch on lengths longer than 10 feet). Straps can be easily cut down to shorter lengths if a shorter strap length is required. Stitches are double box stitched with nylon thread (trade size 92 or higher) - stitch capacity meets or exceeds buckle capacity unless otherwise noted. Capacities listed are not rated capacities, but are typical maximum breaking strengths. They should not be used as safe working load limits, which is typically 20-50% of breaking strength. Breaking strengths of the straps and buckles decrease after repeated use and over time. The nylon strap materials on this page have a breaking strength of 1,000 lbs and the polypropylene strap has a breaking strength of 600 lbs.

Please note that the maximum capacity of any of our custom strap products is only as strong as the weakest component (for example, a 150 lb side release fastener with 1,000 lb nylon strap would have a maximum breaking strength of 150 lbs). Please call us if you have any questions about the safe use of our custom strap assemblies.

These custom strap products ship in a heat sealed poly bag without retail markings or instructions.


To see pricing for custom straps and custom tie-downs, please select the desired configurations below, enter quantity, and click on the Add to Shopping Cart Button

Single Piece Custom Length Straps / Custom Tie Downs (one-inch strap)

1-piece Custom Strap.  Select strap, length, and hardware options below and Add To Cart for pricing.
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US List: $6.00
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Two Piece Custom Length Tie Down Strap Assemblies (one-inch strap)

2-piece Custom Tie Down Strap Assemblies.  Select options below and Add To Cart for pricing.
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US List: $6.00
Strap #1 of 2 Length in Feet
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Strap # 2 End Hardware


Please call for other customization requests.