The strongest plastic fastener on Earth!

Load Lock FASTener® Cord & Gear Organizers

(4 Feet of Nylon with Finger Loops)

A Superior Alternative to Bungee and Shock Cord!

Originally designed for securing gear and rigging in the harsh marine environments, the Load Lock® Cord & Gear Organizers with 4' of nylon strap provide a simple and secure solution for a wide range of organizational applications on sea or land.  Load Lock® Cord and Gear Organizers are a higher strength, more adjustable, and machine-washable alternative to side release buckles and bungee products and are available individually, in 2-packs, and in 4-packs (with and without mesh drawstring storage bags).  Cord & Gear Organizers feature the unique Finger Loop strap design that provides a convenient handle for the hanging and carrying of secured objects such as hoses, carpets, and cords.  Backed by a limited lifetime guarantee.  Breaking Strength: 230 pounds.  Made in USA

In addition to facilitating the tightening of a strap, the finger loop on these Load Locks®  may also be used to attach the strap assembly to an object.  This is useful for hanging a coiled hose or cord or to prevent a secured object from moving by attaching the strap to a fixed object such as a hanging hook or cargo ring.  It also serves as a handle for carrying secured objects. Click here for information about the Finger Loop design.

Simple to use...


Just make a few wraps, thread, and tighten!

4' Nylon Load Lock® Gear Organizers
Gear Straps with Finger Loops, Single-Packs, 4-Packs, & 4-Packs with Nylon Mesh Storage Bags

4' Load Lock® Gear Organizer Straps
Qty 1, $6.50 each, Qty 4, $18.95, Qty 4 with Mesh Bag, $22.95

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US List: $6.50
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(Qty. 1) 4' Black Nylon, Item #270 (1B-BN48) $6.50
(Qty. 1) 4' Navy Blue Nylon, Item #253 (1B-NN48) $6.50
(Qty. 1) 4' Yellow Nylon, Item #289 (1B-YN48) $6.50
(Qty. 1) 4' Red Nylon, Item #260 (1B-RN48) $6.50

(Qty. 2) 4' Black Nylon, Item #276 (2B-BN48) $10.95
(Qty. 2) 4' Navy Blue Nylon, Item #256 (2B-NN48) $10.95
(Qty. 2) 4' Yellow Nylon, Item #286 (2B-YN48) $10.95
(Qty. 2) 4' Red Nylon, Item #266 (2B-RN48) $10.95

(Qty. 4) 4' Black Nylon, Item # 615 (4B-BN48) $18.95
(Qty. 4) Navy Blue Nylon, Item # 616 (4B-NN48) $18.95
(Qty. 4) Yellow Nylon, Item # 617 (4B-YN48) $18.95
(Qty. 4) Red Nylon, Item # 618 (4B-RN48) $18.95

(Qty. 4 + bag) 4' Black Nylon, Item # 610 (4B-BN48SS) $22.95
(Qty. 4 + bag) Navy Blue Nylon, Item # 611 (4B-NN48SS) $22.95
(Qty. 4 + bag) Yellow Nylon, Item # 612 (4B-YN48SS) $22.95
(Qty. 4 + bag) Red Nylon, Item # 613 (4B-RN48SS) $22.95


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