Metal Cam Tie Down Straps With One-Inch Nylon and Polypropylene Strap

cam straps

For applications where medium duty metal cam straps may be desired, we now offer medium-duty cam tie-down straps using our wide assortment of one-inch nylon strap materials. Orders for less than 50 pieces of our cam tie down straps are usually shipped within 1 business day. Our cam tie down straps are produced at our facility in the USA and they ship in heat-sealed poly bags without packaging materials to enable us to provide manufacturer direct wholesale pricing to our customers. This make our cam straps a great value for the contractor or homeowner who is frequently using cam tie down straps.

Click here to learn about our custom cam tie down straps and other custom strap products that are cut to any length and available in one and two-piece assemblies with end hardware.

Single Piece Cast Zinc Cam Straps, bulk-packaged, 300 lb max breaking strength. Note: Breaking strengths are not safe working load limits which vary by application and are typically 33-50% of maximum breaking strength.

1" Metal Cam Straps

Metal Cam Straps, one inch wide nylon strap, 300 lb max. breaking strength.

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