About DRD Corporation


- Manufacturing High Quality Products That Make Sense -

DRD Corporation was founded in 1996 in the pursuit of creating a superior alternative to commonly used plastic fasteners for strap. Until then, typical plastic fasteners were severely limited by problems inherent to their decades-old designs. Despite their widespread use, they offer poor performance for a wide range of applications, particularly in the harsh outdoor and marine environments where they lack many desired qualities including strength and adjustability. Over the years, while the manufacturers of such plastic fastener products have done nothing more than change the appearance of generic fastener designs and have therefore failed to address their inherent problems, we took a different approach. Our initial objective was clear:

To create a plastic alternative to metal fasteners that would offer the performance, reliability, adjustability, and positive-locking nature previously only found in metal cam type fasteners.

Hundreds of prototypes and countless design changes later, we achieved this goal and we immediately started improving a wide range of products through the use of what was to become the award-winning, Load Lock FASTener®. There are now a rapidly growing number of marine, household, automotive, aviation, sporting goods, pet and other products that have been greatly enhanced through the use of the patented Load Lock® mechanism. Over the years we have evolved with our product lines while building upon our design experience, state of the art production machinery, prototyping systems and testing equipment. We manufacture our products in the USA with much of the production being done at our facility in Pennsylvania. As an added service to our diverse customer base, we offer many of our design, engineering, and product development services to others who may benefit from our in-depth experience at all stages of the product life cycle. We not only welcome inquiries regarding the customization and prototyping of our products for a specific task, but also requests for design development work for unrelated projects.

With continuing efforts to continuously expand and improve the Load Lock® line of products, we look to a future of developing other new products that include organizational equipment (The Handy-Hooker™), electrical surge protection devices (The Plugamid®), textile products, and a growing list of other products. We will not produce any products unless we are certain that they offer distinct and compelling advantages over competing products. When it comes to product development, we are focused on one primary task:

To design and manufacture practical products that not only serve a common purpose, but do so more effectively and efficiently than competing products in their respective fields, thereby offering better solutions for both new and existing products.

It is our foremost goal to achieve total customer satisfaction. We do this by creating the best possible products, with the most efficient production methods, using the best distribution channels, while striving to offer the best customer service and support possible. Through these efforts we hope to build strong brand names that are synonymous with unsurpassed quality among a broad and loyal customer base.

With so many products to choose from, we hope that you will appreciate the many efforts we have taken to make our products the best in their class, and we hope that you will not settle for any less. We rely upon the satisfaction of our customers for our success in the future and we welcome any feedback that you may have to help us earn your business as we move forward.

Thank you for your interest in our products. We hope that you enjoy using them!