New Product Development Services for Businesses and Inventors

Since 1996, Design Research & Development Corporation has focused on the design, development, manufacturing, and distribution of innovative products that are practical and unique.  Drawing from years of product development experience at all stages ranging from concept to marketing and distribution, DRD Corporation has recently made available it's design development expertise at all levels of a product's lifecycle ranging from early concept and packaging design to mass production.  By combining our knowledge and specialized software and equipment, we are able to provide a solution for cost-effectively developing new products, bringing new products to market, or making improvements to existing products.  So whether you need help finalizing design work or if you would like to lighten the work load on your engineering or graphic design department, let us put our services to work for you. 

We fully appreciate the importance of keeping new design ideas and concepts confidential.  With or without a confidentiality agreement, you can be assured that all product disclosures and design information is kept strictly confidential.  We are happy to sign confidentiality agreements with all clients and discuss our privacy policy in further detail.  If you do not yet have a confidentiality agreement but wish to use one, please feel free to use our generic confidentiality agreement (in Microsoft Word format) by clicking on the link below and changing all fields highlighted in red as applicable.  If you would like added assurance regarding our confidentiality policy, please feel free to show this agreement to an attorney for review.


Link to Confidentiality Agreement

        Whether you are an individual with an idea you would like to develop and test market, or a company looking for product development assisatnce, please contact us for a free consultation or to receive more information about our new product development services.  Better yet, call us to arrange a visit to our facility to see how we can help to convert your ideas into products.